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So It’s Been a Little Bit…

Well, I was really Gung-Ho about this whole blog thing and then my grad school work started kicking my butt.  I’m going to add a few things here and there, hopefully by Summer I can start posting regularly.  Here’s some righteous stuff I’ve found recently on the YouTube (yes that’s right, righteous).


Lincoln Durham, People of the Land.

A great song from a great performer.  I had listened to the album version, but had no idea that he was a great solo artist.


The Felice Brothers, covering The Weight.



Father John Misty, Only Son of the Ladies Man.

This song has been on repeat in my car for a while, its kind of odd being that I’ve had the album for a year now.  Anyways he’s a great showman, can’t wait to see him live.


Peace out ya’ll.


Friday Bandcamp Album of the Day


Every Friday I’m going for an album on Bandcamp that has caught my ears.  For Love of the Game by Natural Child is doing it for me today.  And yes, the album cover is intriguing as well.


Sickness is Whats I Got and a Terrible Disturbed Song

Well I was supposed to watch Scott H. Biram last night in Asheville, NC at the Grey Eagle.  I had my ticket bought and the whole nine yards.  I was sick, left work early, and drugged up trying to beat it…No such luck.  I hate I missed him, I’ve always heard he puts on a good show. Oh well, maybe next time.  I’m looking forward to Joe Pug and American Aquarium in the next month.  I WON’t MISS THEM!! Anyways, here’s my favorite Scott songs:

2013 Albums

Here’s some of my favorite bands who have new albums coming out in 2013…

Black Lillies:

Hackensaw Boys:

Fifth on the Floor:

There’s probably more, I’m just having a brain fart.  The Black Lillies is at the top of my list.  The Hackensaw release intrigues me considering most of the lineup of the band has changed.  Fifth on the Floor is just cool, bout it.

I Dig….Music.

Howdy all,

This is my music blog.  I pretty much will be posting anything that interests me concerning music (pretty much alt-country, bluegrass, rock, etc.)  I don’t know if I have it in me to write long posts, so they’ll be short and sweet…well short.  Thanks for stopping by.


Oh, and here’s some Scott H. Biram to get your visit off to the right start.