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So It’s Been a Little Bit…

Well, I was really Gung-Ho about this whole blog thing and then my grad school work started kicking my butt.  I’m going to add a few things here and there, hopefully by Summer I can start posting regularly.  Here’s some righteous stuff I’ve found recently on the YouTube (yes that’s right, righteous).


Lincoln Durham, People of the Land.

A great song from a great performer.  I had listened to the album version, but had no idea that he was a great solo artist.


The Felice Brothers, covering The Weight.



Father John Misty, Only Son of the Ladies Man.

This song has been on repeat in my car for a while, its kind of odd being that I’ve had the album for a year now.  Anyways he’s a great showman, can’t wait to see him live.


Peace out ya’ll.