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Friday Bandcamp Album of the Day


Every Friday I’m going for an album on Bandcamp that has caught my ears.  For Love of the Game by Natural Child is doing it for me today.  And yes, the album cover is intriguing as well.



Sickness is Whats I Got and a Terrible Disturbed Song

Well I was supposed to watch Scott H. Biram last night in Asheville, NC at the Grey Eagle.  I had my ticket bought and the whole nine yards.  I was sick, left work early, and drugged up trying to beat it…No such luck.  I hate I missed him, I’ve always heard he puts on a good show. Oh well, maybe next time.  I’m looking forward to Joe Pug and American Aquarium in the next month.  I WON’t MISS THEM!! Anyways, here’s my favorite Scott songs: